About Us


Kristeva Dowling

 Kristeva Dowling, MSocSc., RMT.,  became interested in massage therapy after a scuba diving incident that rendered her in so much pain that she was unable to continue teaching classes. Luckily for her students, an RMT was able to address the issues and help her regain enough mobility to work  almost immediately. She was so impressed with his work that she chose to take up the practice herself. She has been connected to Grande Prairie community for 25 years.  "Being a message therapist is just a job for some, but for me the healing arts are a calling."  


Custom Massages

We offer a wide variety of custom massages. Be sure to communicate with your massage therapist and give feedback during your massage to enhance your experience. Everyone is different and we want to ensure you get the most out of your experience.


Our Facilities

 Bear Creek Massage is located in the Ivy Lake Plaza in the Plan-It Financial Corp. building. #302, 10011 – 92 Street Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 7T5, Canada ​Call 780-380-7776 for an appointment today

What we DO


Our Approach

Bear Creek Massage offers clients therapeutic massage in a professional environment. We tailor each massage therapy session to your specific needs to facilitate deep, long-lasting results. Whether you want to peel away layers of stress, restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, ease stiffened joints, or relieve hot spots of pain, we assess and apply variety of treatment techniques with the whole person and their goals in mind.  

Age, injury, wear and tear, poor posture, injury, stress and other factors can cause our facia – the fibrous tissue encasing our muscles – to manifest tension, restrictions and imbalance within our bodies. Myofascial Release techniques are a very effective hands-on approach that works to 'release' and rebalance our muscle and connective soft tissue system. In order to address any connective tissue problem areas you may be experiencing, an initial full body assessment is completed prior to your first treatment.

As part of our whole-health approach, we educate our clients about self-administered pain-management techniques, including stretching and strengthening exercises, and hot and cold therapy. Bear Creek Massage therapy is dedicated to our clients' health and well being.